Drama Instruction

This instruction employs the use of voice, body and face for character development and creativity, improvisation, scene study, audition pointers and monologues.

Drama Techniques and Improvisation:
Vocal warm-ups and performance skills:
Vocal exercises are taught to enhance both singing and speaking voice. Presentation of musical selections as well as monologues facilitate our performing skills. Corrections and suggestions are given to each student each day to better presentation skills in front of the group.

Basic stage blocking and direction as well as studies in characterization. Younger children work extensively with fun improvisations and basic stage directions. Projection and enunciation techniques are taught to all students.


Students are instructed in both freestyle and Miss America Pageant System modeling. Models learn T-formation runway techniques, stylistic differences between formal wear modeling, casual wear modeling and print work. The course also provides portfolio pointers, presence and appearance training as well as choreographed routines for modeling competition and auditions. All instruction is private and by appointment only.

Modeling Competition

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